Friday, June 12, 2009

The Explanation

I saw my PCP this morning. The primary reason was to discuss the psychologist's recommendation that I be put 0n anti-anxiety medication. We decided that I should go back on Lexapro, a medication that I have been on before for my anxiety issues, but I had to stop taking it when I lost health care coverage. Thank goodness for medicare.

Next, I asked her about the call I received about her referring me to a cardiologist. She explained that after my sleep study, she was contacted and told that I need to "urgently" (their word, not mine) see a cardiologist due to abnormal heart episodes while I slept. Well, you wanna bet that my heart was having an abnormal episode after those words were said, but then I remembered to breathe and things got better.

This is a detour in my journey toward weight loss surgery, but I guess it is better to know now, than to find out too late. Now I know why they lengthened the estimate of how long it would take for me to get surgery. In my head I know that it is for the best, but I must admit that I am a little disappointed. It is a good thing that I get over things quickly. I really dislike negative emotions, as they tend to give me a headache.

I would like to thank everyone who leaves such wonderful and supportive comments on my blog. You truly make me glad that I am posting about what I am going through. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments and I will do my best to respond. Thank you!

Next appointment is with the behaviorist regarding techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety without food. It is on June 16th. I'll post to you after that.


Cheeky Red Head said...

Your right about finding out now rather than, oh say, when your on the operating table! but that exactly why they have you do these sorts of tests way in advance. I'm so glad to hear that you can get your Lexapro.

Leslie said...

Well, you've been having all sorts of "news" lately! Anxiety and night eating are common enough issues - but this heart stuff... Well, they'll get that taken care of and then it will be onward and downward! Although you've got a decent start on that already with the 27.5#. :)

catspaw said...

Yet another detour but for a good reason. When the surgery happens, your body will be under a lot of stress so you need a good healthy heart! I'll be interested in what they say about the anxiety eating thing as that something many of us can identify with. Keep on knitting!