Friday, June 5, 2009

2 More Appointments Down

Friday I had 2 appointments. First I saw the Physical Therapist. We discussed what is available for devices to assist with everyday living, such as putting on socks when you can't reach your feet. I let her know that I have almost every type of assistive device there is just to be able to take care of myself, so we moved on to what to expect after surgery and how to deal with it. None of it was news to me.

Then we proceeded to discuss exercise. She was, of course, surprised that I actually exercise. Everyone always is surprised by that. She was very happy that I participate in the arthritic pool program at my local YMCA. Then she added some exercises with resistance bands to my routine. Many of them had to be modified for my physical limitations, but I was pleasantly surprised by how many exercises that I am actually able to do after she customized them to me. She emphasized that I am not to do anything that causes me more pain than I already have. I really appreciated that.

The second appointment was with the dietitian. When I arrived I was weighed in and I am now down 27.5 pounds! Then I had to pass in my "homework". My homework had been to complete a packet of questions regarding my weight history, diet history, and eating habits. Also, I had to write an essay of my weight history outlining diet successes and disasters along the way. That was quite a trip down memory lane. They asked that it only be 2-3 paragraphs long so I made them very long paragraphs, after all, I have been dieting since I was 9 years old.

While she went over my answers and essay, I had to take a quiz over my knowledge of weight loss surgery, how to eat after surgery, and the consequences of my choices. Then we discussed the results of everything. She determined that I understand everything they look for and that because of this and that I have already proven that I am losing weight, I don't have to see her again prior to surgery.

That said, our discussion turned to my psych eval. She said that based on the evaluation, I must have my PCP put me back on an anti-anxiety medication and have her send a note to them that it has been done, before they will allow me to advance to having the surgery. Also, I must see a behaviorist, for counseling on night eating and that the behaviorist will have to approve me for the surgery. (I am still waiting for the sleep study results so that they can approve me too.) Her primary concern being that after surgery I might turn to food for comfort if/when I get anxious, so she wants it under control before hand.

Now do you want to guess how much all this triggered my anxiety?

So as it stands now, I must call my PCP on Monday to set up an appointment for anxiety treatment and a referral to the behaviorist, then see the behaviorist on June 16th @ 1:00 pm, and go for the sleep study follow up on June 29th @ 2:15 pm to find out that result. Perhaps, after all this (fingers crossed) I will be able to have a consult with the surgeon. Perhaps. Can you say an-xi-e-ty little girl? I knew you could.


Amanda Ann said...

So glad you got a nice physical therapist! It is always great when they are willing to work with you and not push you!