Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nutrition Class

It has been about 4 months since I had my gastric bypass surgery, so it was time to see my dietitian again. This time it was in a nutrition class with 5 other patients. The class was mostly a review of information that we had been taught prior to having surgery, but they find that refresher courses can help keep us on the right path.

I did get weighed in and I have now lost 117.5 pounds. The surprising thing is that not only have I not lost any muscle mass, I have actually gained 2.5 pounds of lean muscle mass. I really need to commit to exercising even more so that I keep as much muscle mass as possible.

Previously, I had told you that I was being treated for an ulcer. The medication that was prescribed for me has helped immensely. I am symptom free now, but I have to continue taking the medications for 3 months to ensure that the ulcer has time to heal completely. In an unrelated note, I am now also being treated for a UTI with antibiotics. If it isn't one, thing it is another!

My next appointments are on May 18th. First appointment of the day will be with the dietitian and the second appointment will be with the surgeon. I hope that your weight loss journey is going well and that you will share it with me. Take care!


Heather said...

You failed to mention that you DROVE YOURSELF to that appointment. Way to go, Bev!! You are an inspiration.

bubbleboo said...

Four months already, Bev! You are doing so well. I'm really pleased the ulcer symptoms have disappeared - here's hoping the UTI follows quickly!

Gastric Bypass said...

Bev is that 117 pounds since surgery or since the pre op diet and then surgery? That is a huge amount of weight in such a short time!

You go girl!