Monday, February 15, 2010

Uh Oh

I had to call my surgeon's office this morning. The pain in my pouch has been progressively getting worse, despite taking the OTC acid reducers that my surgeon recommended to me at my last appointment. I was awoken in the wee hours of the morning today, with a volcano in the pit of my stomach.

I spoke to a nurse in the office, telling her my symptoms, and what I have been taking for it. She, in turn, spoke to one of the surgeons on call, who advised that I be put on Carafate and to double my dose of the OTC acid reducer. I am supposed to let them know next Monday, if I get any relief. If I am still suffering then a scope will be done to see if it is an ulcer and if it requires more intervention.

I am going to hope that medication alone will be enough to heal me. (fingers crossed)


Anonymous said...
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Davon Jacobson, Md said...

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