Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 12

Wow, am I tired. I simply have no energy. I think that consuming between 500 - 600 calories per day is catching up with me. I will be adding an extra protein shake to my usual routine today.

I went to the pool at the YMCA this morning for the arthritic swim program and started feeling lightheaded by the end of the class. I had an Unjury shake as soon as I got home and that relieved the lightheaded feeling, but I still feel like I can't get out of my own way. Thank goodness the surgery is right around the corner. On the up side, the life guard at the pool came over to compliment me on how much weight I have lost. Go me!

I received a call last night from my surgeon to check on my progress and confirm that I am not chickening out. Then this morning I got a call from the hospital confirming the time of the surgery and how early I need to arrive for processing and to be prepped for surgery. My surgery is scheduled for 11 am and I am required to be there 2 hours early, so I have told my mother to pick my up at 7:30 am, to avoid being late. Is it time yet?


Melinda Kaye said...

Just the weekend to go! You are doing amazing! And thanks for the cowl link on your other blog - I love it! Melinda Kaye (mkaye on Rav)

Leslie said...

My thoughts and prayers are right there, Bev, right there.


Heather said...

Bev - I'm so excited for you! Hang in there, you're almost there.

And selfishly, I can't wait to meet you on the 17th!

Susan said...

Good luck this coming week! The adventure is just beginning. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Looking forward to reading about the experience.