Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I few weeks ago I informed you that I was told that per surgeons orders, I had to go off my arthritis medication....forever. I started by cutting out one of my two daily doses and replacing it with Arthritis Strength Tylenol.

At first it was agony and I became quite depressed, not only from the pain, but also depressed to think that the rest of my life I will have to endure this much pain. Then a strange thing happened. I forced myself to go to the pool, and found that even though I was in pain, I was happy. When I was happy I dealt with the pain better.

Once I realized this, I called my doctor and explained to her what I was experiencing. We decided together that my Lexapro (which I take for anxiety, but it is also an antidepressant) should be increased. She doubled my dose from 10 mg per day to 20 mg per day and I have been able to handle the increased pain levels much better.

Actually, as of this past Sunday, I am completely off my arthritis medication, only taking 3 doses of Arthritis Strength Tylenol per day for my pain. It isn't comfortable, but it is manageable. This means that I have succeeded in conquering yet another hurdle in getting my weight loss surgery!!!! Nothing is going to stop me now!


Anonymous said...

That's great Bev! I'm so glad to hear the pain is bearable. The antidepressants should really help with pain management.

You may also want to try meditation and/or guided imagery.