Monday, September 14, 2009

Pain and Stiffness

When I saw the surgeon one of the things that she wanted me to do before I have surgery was to stop taking the nsaids that I take for arthritis pain and stiffness. I knew that she was going to ask me to do this. It was part of the education materials.

So, in anticipation of this request, I had brought this up with my PCP a few months ago and she told me to discuss it with the surgeon instead of her. When the surgeon brought it up, I asked her what I should take in place of the nsaids and she told me to discuss it with my PCP.

Where does this leave me? Very frustrated. I am not going to let this keep me from having surgery, so this weekend I took it upon myself to start the process of weaning myself off the Etodolac. I normally take 2 doses per day. As of Friday, I have only been taking the morning dose and I have added in 2 doses of acetaminophen. One is at dinner time and the other is at bed time.

So far, this has left me aching all over and very stiff. I had expected that my hips, knees and back would give my grief. However, I was very surprised by how badly my hands have begun to ache and throb. I have noticed that the higher my pain level gets, the more depressed I am getting. I think I will have to request a higher dose of Lexapro from my PCP.

I am hoping that by next Friday, I will be able to stop the remaining dose of Etodolac and substitute 2 more doses of acetaminophen in its place. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


Leslie said...

Goodness, Bev. You should not have to deal with this alone. I suggest you contact each physician and say that each has referred you to the other in this regard and you need some guidance. Ask that they contact each other (leave the name & number of the different physician in your message) and then follow up!

I know from experience that they try to pass liability off (which is why my husband sees a nephrologist-his blood pressure med was affecting kidneys and the pcp did not want liability for this -- the nephrologist laughed when he told me this). You're doing so well on this and you need to have all your meds monitored .

love & light