Friday, September 4, 2009

Great news!

I had my first meeting with the surgeon today and she has given me the go ahead for the surgery! She wants me to continue to lose weight prior to surgery and to work with my PCP to get off my etodolac and find a different class of medication to control my arthritis stiffness and pain. The etodolac can cause a lot of problems with the new stomach pouch and the rerouted intestines.

Also, I lost another 2 pounds so I am now down 43 pounds!

I asked how long I would have to weight for the surgery and was told that they are currently scheduling in November, so I could possibly have the surgery before the end of the year. I am so excited, that my mother could hardly keep me from bouncing off the walls of her vehicle on the ride home. I should be getting a call from the doctor's staff on Tuesday to start the insurance approval process, but they said that they don't foresee any problem with Medicare approval.

As always, I will keep you posted!


Lisa said...

Big hugs here!! I hope you're well-stocked with yarn for your recovery (tee hee, already saw the goodies on the other blog.)

Fab Kate said...

WHOOO HOO! Congrats! this will make all the difference in the world!

ck said...

Wow down 43...that is fantastic!