Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Cardiologist

Yesterday, I had my cardiology appointment. I was finally told that what showed up while I was in the sleep study was that I occasionally have a few extra heart beats. The doctor said that this is not all that abnormal, and that the only reason that I was referred to him is that I am up for major surgery so they are being overly cautious.

An EKG was performed in the office and he said it was completely normal. Of course, he listened to my chest sounds and said that my heart and lungs sounded perfectly normal. The final test was an echo cardiogram. The technician said that she didn't see anything abnormal or worrisome. (She was a lap band patient, so we had lots to talk about while she performed the test!)

I was told that I will receive a letter within a few weeks that will either tell me the doctors final determination, and sign off on my weight loss surgery, or it will give me an appointment for follow up if after reviewing the echo cardiogram, he feels that there is something that needs more attention. After all that I was told, I feel confident that I will be able to proceed without further delay. What a relief!

My next appointment is on Monday, July 13th, to finally hear all the results of the sleep study and see if I need to be treated for sleep apnea. On Tuesday, July 14th, I will see the behaviorist to determine if she thinks I need more counseling or if she will sign off on my weight loss surgery. Keep your fingers crossed!


Brate said...

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