Friday, May 15, 2009

Nutrition Class and PCP

Wednesday, I went to my nutrition class. It seemed very redundant, as it went over a lot of the same things that were covered in orientation. I was a bit surprised at how many of the people there didn't seem to be aware of some of the basics that have been stressed at orientation, and in the literature. Perhaps it is just me who is obsessed with knowing as much as possible about this surgery and what to expect after.

I did get home work to do. I have a questionnaire to fill out about my lifelong weight history so I can bring it with me to my dietitian. Also, I am required to start practicing the eating techniques and acquiring the items that I will need after surgery, such as measuring cups, spoons and scale, as well as protein mixes and supplements. I purchased small salad plates so that I start eating my meals on smaller plates to better control portion size. I have a timer on the table, because I am supposed to take a full 3o minutes to eat my meals. The most difficult one of all is that I cannot drink anything for 30 minutes prior to a meal, during the meal or 30 minutes after my meals. Also, I have purchased chewable supplements, such as chewable multivitamins and Viactiv.

My to-do or to-change list:

  • Eliminate carbonated beverages. (done)
  • Chew food better to prevent blockages after surgery.
  • Eat Slower. Meals should take 30 minutes. (using timer)
  • Reduce portion size. (smaller plates)
  • Stop drinking fluids for 30 mins. before meals, during meal, and 30 mins. after meals.
  • Good posture while eating.
  • Stop eating in front of the television.
  • Exercise every day. Start slow and build up endurance.
I am sure that this list will be amended as time goes on.

This morning I saw my PCP (primary care provider). I think she must have a magic scale because it said that I have lost another 6.5 pounds this month! That is a total of 21.5 pounds lost since February 20th. I know that it is slow weight loss and I have a very long way to go, but it is progress and I am happy with it. My PCP says that she is very pleased with my progress. I had blood drawn to recheck my TSH and cholesterol levels, and I will get the results on Monday.

If anyone has any questions about anything I am doing or going through, please ask. I am glad to help.


Leslie said...

Bev, 7 pounds a month for 3 months (February through May) is not a slow weight loss - it's a sustainable loss because it's due to modifications of your lifestyle. I think it's wonderful and congratulate you for it.

I need to loose about 80 pounds from where I was in March and have done 12-15. I wish us both luck :)

Melinda Kaye said...

It is so nice to read your blog. I have my first appointment with the surgeon on May 27. My PCP first thought I should just lose weight myself, and then the 2nd time I asked her for the referral, gave me a lecture about how much discipline I would need after (implying that since I can't lose weight myself, I can't manage the vitamins after). I told my cardiologist I was thinking about it, and he said "good!"

Good luck on your journey!

Melinda Kaye

Amanda Ann said...

You will do wonderful Bev!! You are already doing so well!!