Monday, May 18, 2009


This morning I got a call from my PCP's office letting me know that the bloodwork that was done on Friday came back with my cholesterol as too high. They had told me previously that they thought it was a little high due to my thyroid being off and that a few months of thyroid replacement would fix that. Apparently they were wrong. Even losing weight didn't bring it down.

So, now I have to take Simvastatin. This is the 7th prescription to make it into my daily routine. Eleven pills per day, plus multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, calcium with vitamin D chew, and fish oil supplements. I can't begin to express how tired I am of all this. A palm full of pills every morning is not the way I want to start my day. I just hope that the weight loss surgery will take some of them away.

Tomorrow night is the sleep study. Wish me luck in getting to sleep.


catspaw said...

One thing after another it seems. However, I was just talking with a friend whose daughter is getting married on Saturday. Her fiance just had a weight loss surgery about a month ago and has lost 50 lbs. He's being very careful since he also has blood pressure and cholesteral issues but feels it was totally worth the trouble. He topped off well over 400 lbs and is under 400 now and determined to make it work. You will too.

Ida said...

You might not like taking 11 pills every morning, but think of the alternative. I imagine organ transplant people don't like taking the gazillions of meds some have to take, but I doubt there are many who would choose not to do so.