Monday, March 16, 2009


I have received a mailing from EMMC's surgical weight loss program letting me know that they have received my doctors referral into the program and requesting that I call them to set up my orientation class and to start attending support meetings. Yahoo! I called and the first available orientation class they had is on April 21st, so I signed up for that one. I will be going to a support meeting tomorrow afternoon. I have been told that a lot of practical information can be learned at the support meetings from others who have gone through this before me.

Also, I have my next appointment with my PCP on Friday, March 20th, to see if I have lost any weight and to check my TSH levels to see if they are better since starting this new medication. I am very optimistic, because I have been feeling so much better in many ways.

I will update after my PCP appointment on Friday. Wish me luck!