Friday, March 20, 2009

Already Losing!

This morning I went to my PCP for a follow-up appointment. I lost 15 pounds and my blood pressure came down 20 points! I am so happy. She said that I am doing wonderfully and encouraged me to keep up the good work. Additional blood work was taken to check my current TSH levels now that I have been taking thyroid meds for 4 weeks. I will get the results next week to see if I need any adjustments. My next PCP appointment is April 17th.

Earlier this week, I attended a surgical weight loss support meeting. The people there were incredible and eager to share what they had been through. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to the next time I can attend.

I have got the date for my orientation. It is April 21st. I am so excited to finally be on my way toward the healthier me. I feel that I am taking positive steps in hopes of the best outcome possible and I am ready for the rest of my life.


Anonymous said...

Good job! I expect that's one of the reasons you're a bit frustrated with Ray right now because you're being pro-active and he's not. Keep your focus, support him anyway you can, but stay in charge of yourself. You are awesome!