Saturday, December 12, 2009

Will I Ever Learn?

Today we had plans. Ray and I am mostly hermits, so a day with "plans" is a big thing for us. We had invited my Mom, a niece and a nephew, out to lunch and then to a local production of The Christmas Carol. I had reserved the seats.

They arrived to pick us up for lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. This was going to be my first time trying to eat out since my surgery. I didn't order anything, instead I just got an extra plate so that I could just pick a couple of things from others plates, since I wouldn't be able to eat much. 1 small piece of bbq pork, 1 bite of beef teriyaki, the inside of a crab rangoon, and I pulled the skin off a chicken wing to get a few bites of chicken. The meal was nice and everything seemed okay, at first.

We all piled into the the car to head to the theater, when the pressure from my pouch started. Very quickly it progressed to nausea, and I begged Mom to get me home quickly. I barely made it the 1/2 mile home, got out of the car and lost it. It's a good thing I can't eat much, so there wasn't much to lose.

Mom and the kids went to the theater, afterall, the tickets had already been paid for. Ray refused to go without me, so we stayed home, as usual. Within about 30 minutes I felt back to normal and like a complete fool. When will I ever learn? How do people eat out after this surgery? Obviously, I still have a lot to learn. Until I figure this out, my meals are going to have to continue to be at home only.

Live and learn.


Wacky Lisa said...

Ugh, I'm sorry this happened. :(

Eating out on MTX (a form of chemo) was hard but possible for me fwiw. (I know it is different from what you're experiencing.)
I'm really glad I didn't give up going out to eat because it is such a social activity.
Eventually I developed a high tolerance for throwing up in public. Plus I learned my body's rhythms for doing so.
Wait staff can be annoying if you don't order food but if you explain that you can't eat for medical reasons then they'll usually stop nagging you. Ordering something other than water to drink helps because it improves their potential tip.

mehitabel said...

What a couple of my friends have done is to figure out ahead of time what they can have, and stick to that. Sounds to me as if the things you chose were a little "greasy" and that is really bad. Weak tea--green tea if they have it--at a Chinese restaurant, maybe egg drop soup. Just eat at home before you go, so you won't feel "deprived." I have a lot of food allergies and have to be really careful, so I sympathize with you!

Sapphiyre said...

I think you did well, Bev. Don't get down on yourself too much. You just had a life altering surgery that is requiring you to change how you've lived up until that point. You're doing awesome in my opinion. Keep your chin up, as my Daddy would say. (hugs)

Amanda Ann said...

I'm so sorry Bev. :(

Sue said...

Aw Hon, it WILL get better! It is still new and will take time before you almost instinctively know what you can and cannot tolerate! A dear friend went through this and was frustrated at first, then told me she was going to just 'experiment' carefully and slowly and now is able to socialize, eat out, etc. without feeling deprived or self concious about her food choices. She told me that the first 6 months were the worst. So hang in there knowing that it will get better and your health will improve so much you will wonder why you ever had the slightest doubt it was the best decision you could have made.

{{HUGS}} and remember to take baby steps for a while longer!


Mitchypoo said...

I think it's great that you got out and attempted it. You'll figure out soon enough what works for you.

Dr Monash said...

I agree with Sapphiyre. Sorry you had to experience that.

nancy said...

Beef is the hardest type of food to digest. Steak is overrated. I did the same thing I had a chopped beef steak I think about three months after my surgery. I upchucked it in the parking lot. I decided then I would wait until beef agreed with me. It still doesn't can only eat a few pieces for a meal and then it screws up eating for the whole night. ground beef works well with me. It took over 15 months to even start getting an appetite. I have lost over 202 pounds since sept 08 and I could careless what I can't eat.