Saturday, August 8, 2009

Down a few more pounds

On Aug. 5th, I saw the behaviorist for the last time. We discussed how pleased we both are with my progress and that if I feel I need more counseling in the future, I can call for another appointment. Unfortunately, any future appointments will have to be with her replacement, because she is retiring. I wish her well, as she has certainly changed my life for the better.

I did have a loss, so I am down a total of 38 pounds now. My next appointment is with the surgeon, Dr. Toder, on Sept. 5th, to start the process of getting medicare to approve the surgery. This may be the biggest hurdle of all. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Amanda Ann said...

That's awesome Beverly!! You're in my thoughts & prayers!!

Lupie said...

Wow 38 pounds!
Keep up the great work.

perpstu said...

You are doing awesome Beverly! I am inspired by your commitment to becoming a healthier you!