Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They Are Going to Find Out I'm Nuts.

I received another appointment in the mail today. It is for my Psych Evaluation for the weight loss surgery. I know that a lot of people have suspected that I am at least half a bubble off, but now I am going to be to be certified! LOL!

June 1st @ 9:00 am and it will last 3 hours!!!

Also, I am down to my last 4 cans of diet soda. YIKES! I have been informed that after the surgery I will not be allowed to have carbonated beverages, so I am going to stop drinking diet soda (the only carbonated beverage that I consume) once these last 4 cans are gone. I thought that I was doing well because I only drink one can of diet soda per day, but the thought of giving up that one can is almost heart breaking. I look forward to it as a treat.

Next month, I am hoping I can screw up the courage to give up Caffeine. Heaven help me! I only drink one cup of coffee per day, with breakfast. Occasionally, I have a cup of tea in the afternoon. We'll see how the soda deprivation goes first.


Heather said...

Bev, can you cut down to one a week or so? Quitting totally is going to make that soda a nearly impossible to resist desire.

Tiffany said...

Good Luck on your journey!

You'll be glad to know that "one day" you'll be able to have a diet coke again!

I agree with Heather, I'd be concerned about cutting it cold turkey... but, then again, I'm a self proclaimed caffeine addict..

Not good... I know... but, honest.

Shelley said...

Yeah, mom's back on soda...but it was definitely a year or two post surgery before she was. It will only help you to ween yourself off now!