Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Week Post-Op

What a difference a week makes! I think that I am doing remarkably well. Now, that doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but better than I personally expected by this point based on my previous surgical experience.

I am practically pain free, as far as the surgery goes. I always have to add that qualifier on the end, because my arthritis never lets me be totally pain free. There are some tender spots on my belly, but since I make a point of not poking them, they don't bother me much. I stopped taking all pain medication on this past Friday.

I haven't experienced any nausea or difficulty eating/drinking so far, but I have been extremely mindful of not pushing it too far to fast. I do not want to have gone through all this in vain. I can consume approximately 2 oz. of protein rich liquid at a time and it takes me about 25 minutes to do that. I am sipping water almost continuously at all other times.

I have not been very adventurous in what I am consuming either. My current food list consists of Unjury, SF Carnation Instant Breakfast, fat free milk, strained cream soup, and Yoplait Light yogurt. Safe = yes. Boring = yes. Nutritious = I sure hope so.

I have not felt hungry at all. But the smell of Ray's meals cooking can still make me drool and a 30 second food commercial can be drool worthy too. Edict: The Food Network is off limits until further notice. Exception: Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel. Woohoo, the bad boy of gastronomy does something for me, and it ain't about the food.

I have been feeling too weak to do anything. Taking a shower has been exhausting. I can't help with the chores. I can't even craft or spend time online. I seem to just run out of steam and lose my breath, and it happens all of a sudden. I will feel that I am finally feeling normal and will attempt to do something, like fold clothes, then suddenly feel like I better find a place to sit down very quickly. This is slowly improving and I am sure I will gain more strength with time.

IBS-D warning: That stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhea. I have suffered with it for years. When I told the surgeon and the support staff about this, they told me that this surgery may be able to change that since many people suffer with constipation afterward. Well, no luck here. So far, the surgery has just exacerbated my problem. I don't know if this is just because my intestines have been shortened and rerouted, so they need some time to heal or if it is just my usual anxiety based trigger, since surgery did have me feeling very anxious. Perhaps with time, this too will improve.

Well, that is it for now. If anyone has any questions, I would love to answer them. Just leave a comment for me. Take care everyone!


donna said...

I think you are definitely safe to watch Anthony Bourdain-most of what he eats on the show isn't particularly appetizing. I know what you mean about him-I've always had a soft spot for bad boys.

I'm soooo glad to hear you are doing so well. You have worked so hard for this. Keep up the good work.

Shelley said...

Hi bev. Mom had major major ibs-d prior to surgery. Although she has occasional bouts of it now it's substantially improved.

Anonymous said...

I also had a history of IBS, and have very little of that now. If you're only at a week, you probably aren't eating anything that will bulk up your stool. Give it a bit of time.

Lupie said...

Glad to hear all went well and hope you continue to feel better.

Mitchypoo said...

So proud of you. For what you are going thru and for sharing it with us.

We have a shared love of Anthony Bourdain too! Love him!